Major Benefits of Kickboxing for Women

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15 Sep 2014

When it comes to getting in shape and strengthening your muscles, remember that an ordinary gym is not your only option. Rather than sticking to the same old, boring treadmill or weight bench routine, try something new that will not only get you moving and in shape, but will also keep you interested.

Major Benefits of Kickboxing for Women | Self Defense Systems Inc.

Kickboxing classes have become increasingly popular over recent years as more and more individuals come to recognize the rewards that are associated with it. Though many may assume that kickboxing is a male-dominated sport, you may be surprised to find out just how many women have signed up to train with Self Defense Systems Inc. Wonder why? Well we would assume that it would have something to do with these great benefits:

Burn Fat Fast – Because of the fact that kickboxing is a high-energy workout, you are guaranteed to burn both calories and fat if you give 100 percent. In fact, adding various conditioning drills to your routine can help you to burn roughly 750-900 calories per hour and has been proven to be most effective in burning stubborn belly fat.

Tone It Up – Unlike your typical machine-oriented workout regime, kickboxing requires you to use all of your muscles at once and engage your core. This will help you to improve your flexibility, reflexes and overall coordination.

Self-Defense – When training in kickboxing classes, it’s important to pay attention to the particular moves you are making and what you use them for. If you’re ever placed in a dangerous situation where self-defense is your only option, you’ll be confident in your knowledge of how to protect yourself.

Release Stress and Aggression – Not only does kickboxing release endorphins and reduce your stress levels, but it’s also a great outlet for all of the anger you’ve built up after a tough day at work. This way you can go home in a better mood, allowing for a better night’s sleep.

Enrolling in kickboxing classes is easy at our Indianapolis location. Contact Self Defense Systems Inc. today to get started and we guarantee you’ll see exactly why so many women are now veering away from the traditional gym in favor for our training classes.

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