Self-Defense: More than Just a Policy

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21 May 2014

For years, the topic of improving self-defense training for woman on college campuses has been in talks with administration. However, the motion of these programs remains sedentary for the most part. Self-defense practices should go further than simply improving policies and training bystanders to help intervene if an attack situation occurs. One professor who researches this movement hones in on the matter:

Martha McCaughey, sociology professor at Appalachian State University, compares self-defense training to other activities when discussing its correlation with victim-blaming. “I think people push self-defense training aside because they are afraid it will be perceived as victim-blaming,” she says. “But we don’t seem to be worried that we are blaming victims when we tell people to learn to swim or get regular breast or prostate exams.”

The problem with how people perceive self-defense lies within the media and what individuals are led to believe. A 23-page White House report that included the recommendations to “adopt better policies” and to “protect the confidentiality of the victims” is not enough to change the campus culture regarding sexual assault. The focus of self-defense training needs to integrate and enforce ways to empower women, stressing the importance of preparing and preventing an attack from occurring in the first place.

Knowing that you are stronger than society credits you is the first step. Taking self-defense classes will not only teach you tactics that will prepare you in the unfortunate event of an attack, but will allow you to recognize your physical and mental strength. Classes that incorporate real-world situations with experienced combat instructors are the best way to go forth in the steadfast women’s self-defense movement. Contact Self Defense Systems Inc. today to learn more about how you can get started.

(Source: Appalachian State University News)

(Posted by: Jamie Billings of Self Defense Systems Inc.)

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