Common Misconceptions About Self Defense

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14 Apr 2014

Whether you are heading back to college after spring break or simply walking down the street in a strange city, personal safety should always be your first priority. You can never be too prepared and your self-defense knowledge can never be too vast. However, when it comes to proper protection tactics, there are many fallacies that circulate, giving students a false view of self-defense.

Here a few of the most common misconceptions that we hear:

Always carry pepper spray – This is not the most reliable tactic when it comes to self-defense. When used successfully, it is great. However, the wind can deflect the spray and end up injuring the defendant or in the worst case, the can could be defective. Experts recommend purchasing a stun gun, which is easily portable in a woman’s purse and convenient to grab as you walk.

“I need to be in shape in order to take self-defense.” – The truth is, you only need technique to protect yourself from the attacker, not muscle or strength. Taking one of our classes will show you the proper way to handle an attack situation both confidently and proactively.

“If I look busy, I won’t be their main target.” – In reality, awareness of your surroundings can actually determine whether or not you can avoid or escape an attacker. Scrolling through your Twitter timeline or browsing Instagram can impair your senses and ability to recognize a dangerous situation. Be observant and tuned in with your surrounding atmosphere.

“I don’t know what to do and I don’t own weapons.” – The best weapons that you can possess are your hands, feet and your knees. Include the element of surprise and leverage to free yourself from the attacker by knowing where and when to strike.

The best way to prepare for an attack is to take a class. Our classes can teach you what it’s like to be caught off guard and how to handle it. Grab a friend and schedule a group lesson today!

(Posted by: Jamie Billings of Self Defense Systems Inc.)

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