I want to thank everyone for all the support you have shown Self Defense Systems/Indy Boxing South over the years. I have had the privilege to serve you over the  last 18 years  as the assistance Coach and Head Coach as of the last 2 years.I have great respect for all of the boxers and Coaches that have worked with me over the years . Please take this time to pat yourself on your back for all the hard work you have put in!



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When it comes to getting in shape and strengthening your muscles, remember that an ordinary gym is not your only option. Rather than sticking to the same old, boring treadmill or weight bench routine, try something new that will not only get you moving and in shape, but will also keep you interested.

Major Benefits of Kickboxing for Women | Self Defense Systems Inc.

Kickboxing classes have become increasingly popular over recent years as more and more individuals come to recognize the rewards that are associated with it. Though many may assume that kickboxing is a male-dominated sport, you may be surprised to find out just how many women have signed up to train with Self Defense Systems Inc. Wonder why? Well we would assume that it would have something to do with these great benefits:

Burn Fat Fast – Because of the fact that kickboxing is a high-energy workout, you are guaranteed to burn both calories and fat if you give 100 percent. In fact, adding various conditioning drills to your routine can help you to burn roughly 750-900 calories per hour and has been proven to be most effective in burning stubborn belly fat.

Tone It Up – Unlike your typical machine-oriented workout regime, kickboxing requires you to use all of your muscles at once and engage your core. This will help you to improve your flexibility, reflexes and overall coordination.

Self-Defense – When training in kickboxing classes, it’s important to pay attention to the particular moves you are making and what you use them for. If you’re ever placed in a dangerous situation where self-defense is your only option, you’ll be confident in your knowledge of how to protect yourself.

Release Stress and Aggression – Not only does kickboxing release endorphins and reduce your stress levels, but it’s also a great outlet for all of the anger you’ve built up after a tough day at work. This way you can go home in a better mood, allowing for a better night’s sleep.

Enrolling in kickboxing classes is easy at our Indianapolis location. Contact Self Defense Systems Inc. today to get started and we guarantee you’ll see exactly why so many women are now veering away from the traditional gym in favor for our training classes.

Indiana Golden Gloves competed all the way through Thursday night. Congrats to all the boxers for having the courage to step in the ring on such a grand stage. You all are true CHAMPIONS!!!

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For years, the topic of improving self-defense training for woman on college campuses has been in talks with administration. However, the motion of these programs remains sedentary for the most part. Self-defense practices should go further than simply improving policies and training bystanders to help intervene if an attack situation occurs. One professor who researches this movement hones in on the matter:

Martha McCaughey, sociology professor at Appalachian State University, compares self-defense training to other activities when discussing its correlation with victim-blaming. “I think people push self-defense training aside because they are afraid it will be perceived as victim-blaming,” she says. “But we don’t seem to be worried that we are blaming victims when we tell people to learn to swim or get regular breast or prostate exams.”

The problem with how people perceive self-defense lies within the media and what individuals are led to believe. A 23-page White House report that included the recommendations to “adopt better policies” and to “protect the confidentiality of the victims” is not enough to change the campus culture regarding sexual assault. The focus of self-defense training needs to integrate and enforce ways to empower women, stressing the importance of preparing and preventing an attack from occurring in the first place.

Knowing that you are stronger than society credits you is the first step. Taking self-defense classes will not only teach you tactics that will prepare you in the unfortunate event of an attack, but will allow you to recognize your physical and mental strength. Classes that incorporate real-world situations with experienced combat instructors are the best way to go forth in the steadfast women’s self-defense movement. Contact Self Defense Systems Inc. today to learn more about how you can get started.

(Source: Appalachian State University News)

(Posted by: Jamie Billings of Self Defense Systems Inc.)

Whether you are heading back to college after spring break or simply walking down the street in a strange city, personal safety should always be your first priority. You can never be too prepared and your self-defense knowledge can never be too vast. However, when it comes to proper protection tactics, there are many fallacies that circulate, giving students a false view of self-defense.

Here a few of the most common misconceptions that we hear:

Always carry pepper spray – This is not the most reliable tactic when it comes to self-defense. When used successfully, it is great. However, the wind can deflect the spray and end up injuring the defendant or in the worst case, the can could be defective. Experts recommend purchasing a stun gun, which is easily portable in a woman’s purse and convenient to grab as you walk.

“I need to be in shape in order to take self-defense.” – The truth is, you only need technique to protect yourself from the attacker, not muscle or strength. Taking one of our classes will show you the proper way to handle an attack situation both confidently and proactively.

“If I look busy, I won’t be their main target.” – In reality, awareness of your surroundings can actually determine whether or not you can avoid or escape an attacker. Scrolling through your Twitter timeline or browsing Instagram can impair your senses and ability to recognize a dangerous situation. Be observant and tuned in with your surrounding atmosphere.

“I don’t know what to do and I don’t own weapons.” – The best weapons that you can possess are your hands, feet and your knees. Include the element of surprise and leverage to free yourself from the attacker by knowing where and when to strike.

The best way to prepare for an attack is to take a class. Our classes can teach you what it’s like to be caught off guard and how to handle it. Grab a friend and schedule a group lesson today!

(Posted by: Jamie Billings of Self Defense Systems Inc.)

Outstanding performance. Team Durden was well represented!

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Ken has to the most beloved friend of Indy Boxing South. Ken came to the gym many years ago and dove right into our ways Self Defense. He also participated in the boxing program. Ken came into his own in many ways and became our go to man to spar. Good wishes to you and your wife in your new life. You are truly missed.

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Austin graduated High School early, was excepted to the National Guard, and started college. Austin has been boxing for Indy Boxing South for many years and has been participating in Golden Gloves since 2008. He has been an outstanding role model in the gym for the younger athletes. As his Coach, I am very proud of him for all he has become. Way to go!!!!

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Evan is a college student at the Herron School of Art. He has been a boxer for several years with many gyms in the area. After coming to Indy Boxing South he has had many opportunities. As his current Coach, I would like to congratulate him on being picked to design 2014 Golden Gloves t-shirts for our next State tournament. Way to go!!!!!

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Every Monday and Wednesday you can join the Boxing Classes and Kickboxing Classes for $90/month.

Every Tuesday and Thursdays you can join the SDS Self Defense and Kali Classes for $90/month.


Why would you go anywhere else?

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