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Defend yourself in any situation with martial arts and self defense classes in Greenwood, IN and the surrounding areas.  Self Defense Systems Inc combines a diverse set of powerful, effective fighting styles in non-traditional, reality-based instruction to give you optimal fighting ability in real encounters.

For 20 years our experienced combat instructors have taught students to successfully defend themselves in real-world situations.  Using the most essential, useful combinations of Jiujitsu, boxing, Jeet Kune Do and other practiced forms, you will learn to stop, disarm and incapacitate opponents with the least amount of force.  Our instructors teach students to exercise leverage, practice and accuracy, so anyone can learn efficient and powerful self-defense, regardless or strength and stamina.  We cover the most common real-life scenarios from the five ranges of street combat using boxing, Mui Thai Kickboxing, knife fighting, close-range combat and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Our classes require no contracts, special training or uniforms; we wear street clothes to mimic the real encounters we teach you to defend against.  Take part in a group class today or schedule a private lesson in boxing or self-defense.

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Self Defense Systems

7624 S. Meridian ST. #1
Indianapolis, IN 46217
7 Blocks South of Southport Road


(317) 670-6020



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